Energy In Energy Out Booklet


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Available in English only #1684
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Hands-on activities and books support healthy eating

The Energy In Energy Out  booklet provides tools and resources to help parents and children find the right energy balance – eating well and being physically active – to lead a healthy life. Provides detailed information on how much food and drink is recommended for everyone in the family. Recommendations are based on age and activity level and MyPlate guidelines. The booklet has practical samples of different physical activity.  The whole family can enjoy these activities while  helping families adopt more physical activity.

The booklet provides information on the 5-2-1-0 guidelines. It also provides answers to common questions about overweight, sports drinks, and sugar-free sweeteners which rounds out the information backed booklet.

Published by AAP, 13 pages, measures 5½ x 8½”. Comes in packs of 50.

Energy In Energy Out Booklet
Energy In Energy Out Booklet
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