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All 3 volumes available in DVD format in English #2042 or Spanish #2043

Positive ways to discipline

The Positive Discipline dvd teaches parents different, more positive ways to discipline their child. Shaking, shouting or spanking all too often escalate into abuse. Injoy Videos’ Positive Discipline series shows parents a different way. Using real life scenarios, the three-volume set contrast harmful, reactionary parenting with more effective techniques. Also these positive-parenting techniques are proven to be healthier for children. After watching this program, parents will be able to put these new skills into practice and bring more harmony into their homes.

Positive Discipline Volume 1: Babies (Birth to 1)

  • Responding to Crying – comfort techniques, anger management, support, PPD, colic, taking care of yourself
  • Redirecting Baby’s Curiosity – baby-proofing, distraction, consistency
  • Connecting to Baby – responding to needs, routines, playing, reading

Positive Discipline Volume 2: Toddlers (Ages 1 and 2)

  • Setting Safe Limits – supervision, child-proofing, communicating limits, responding to danger, redirection
  • Easing Mealtime Struggles – being proactive, limiting choices
  • Teaching an Aggressive Child – cooling-off time, teach with simple words, prevention, modeling anger management

Positive Discipline Volume 3: Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Easing Bedtime Battles – establishing a routine, transition time, rewards
  • Responding to Aggression – communicating expectations, time-outs, teach alternative behavior, natural consequences, prevention, limiting TV
  • Dealing with Defiance – acknowledging feelings, offering choices, setting limits, encouragement, consistency

Benefits to Educators:

  • Engages parents with “before and after” storyline
  • Includes basic child development information
  • Emphasizes prevention, consistency, and staying in control
  • Shows age-appropriate techniques that boost child’s self-esteem
  • Offers a nonjudgmental way to start conversations with pro-spanking families
  • Includes diverse families, dads, and single parents
  • Comes with comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, including parent handouts

Approximately 25 minutes per volume. Ages 13 to adult, copyright 2004.
DVDs are available in English or Spanish and are sold as a set of 3.
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